Nick Markoff ⎯ Markoff’s Haunted Forest Director

Calleva Farm, Full Time Staff

Nick is one of Calleva’s founders and is the Director of Markoff’s Haunted Forest. He’s been with Calleva for every step of its journey and has enjoyed every step along the way. His favorite parts of working at Calleva are working outdoors, working with his hands, and the diversity of the projects and roles here. One of Nick’s earliest Calleva memories was sitting around with his family trying to come up with a camp song, they all submitted ideas and voted for the best one, the winner being Jennifer Markoff’s.

Nick loves going kayaking and rock climbing but his real love for the outdoors is found on Calleva’s High Adventure trips. His favorite thing about his role at Calleva is being able to build Markoff’s Haunted Forest. He loves building new scenes and making the trails genuinely unique and scary.

Nick calls himself a “jack of many trades but master of none” sometimes he does what he wants to do but most of the time he does what he has to do.