Nick “Chief” Markoff

Calleva Farm, Full Time Staff, Summer Camp

Chief is the head of the Markoff Clan, with 5 children and 19 grandchildren. He has been at Calleva ever since Nick, Alex, and Matt began talking about starting a camp in the early 90’s. “I was like the cat that stayed with the house that was sold. Calleva started and it was my turn to give my total support to my family… And I never got a pink slip, so here I am”. Chief always tells everyone how Calleva is just another word, but when it’s put to use and the staff and campers are doing their specialties, it becomes a way of life. He loves it when he’s asked to pitch in, whether it’s to go on a trash run, or assist with challenge course programs, or just to show up and talk and catch up with old friends from schools that are having overnight programs with us.

His favorite part about his role at Calleva is “being the old man out there and observing all the good things that occur”. But also, he loves working the ticket booth during the Haunted Forest and being able to meet so many different people that come out to have a good time, and more often than not, will return to his booth and say “it was fantastic, thanks”. Chief claims that he doesn’t know what a board game is.

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