2024 Registration for RETURNING Calleva Camp Families:
January 9, 2024 for Virginia Camps
January 11, 2024 for Maryland and High Adventure Camps
2024 Registration for RETURNING Calleva Camp Families:
Jan 9, VA Camps
Jan 11, MD & High Adventure Camps

Michael Graham

River School Instructor

Mike Graham has been an instructor for Calleva since 2017. He maintains teaching certifications in whitewater kayaking, ocean kayaking, and swiftwater rescue. In addition to teaching, Mike loves hiking, skiing, biking, sailing, rock climbing, rafting, canoeing, and of course, kayaking. Mike is friendly and approachable enjoys helping folks achieve their paddling goals. He also likes to build boats and talk about boat design.

Mike is an enthusiastic attainer and you can often find him paddling up the river between Carderock and Great Falls. If you are having any trouble making a particular move, Mike will gladly give you some pointers.