Michael (Cheesy) Yin


Hey, I am Cheesy, aka Michael. Halfway through the summer of 2016 after a long battle with chronic lyme disease my sister convinced me to start working at Calleva. I started out working with explorers and loved every second of it, but I found a passion towards whitewater kayaking and grew to love the sport! A big reason for that passion is that I am able to share it with my friends and campers and take them to places they would never have gotten to see without a kayak. Another reason is I am to see how they are able to push themselves and see them figure out their comfort levels towards features and places.

One fondest memory is when I was teaching my friend Billy how to kayak. At first he was not a fan, due to flipping upside down, but grew to love the sport.Now,we go kayaking whenever he is around. When I am not paddling I am busy studying aerospace engineering. Maybe one day I’ll bring a kayak to space haha.