2024 Registration for RETURNING Calleva Camp Families:
January 9, 2024 for Virginia Camps
January 11, 2024 for Maryland and High Adventure Camps
2024 Registration for RETURNING Calleva Camp Families:
Jan 9, VA Camps
Jan 11, MD & High Adventure Camps

Max Hart

Max is Calleva’s Director of Sustainable Agriculture & Agriculture Education, well known as Farmer Max. He’s been with the Calleva team since 2014. With this job, Max is lucky enough to work with kids AND animals. His favorite part of working at Calleva is easily the amazing people he works with. There is always an amazing cast of characters who are passionate and excited to work outdoors. Before coming to Calleva, Max worked in fine dining and for small farmers while traveling. One of Max’s favorite Calleva activities is Paddleboarding! He loves that it’s just as much of an adventure sport as it is a leisure activity and enjoys that it can be both. But, his favorite camp to run is Growing Green since it has fresh food and cute animals.

Max loves that his job allows him to spread the knowledge of sustainable farming! He encourages kids to ask questions and to explore the wide world of food production from the field to your plate. Max always says that being informed about where your food comes from is empowering. It also allows kids to make healthy decisions for their whole lives. Outside of camp, Max enjoys cooking, skateboarding, and chasing squirrels with his dog Diesel. His favorite board game is a good chaotic game of SORRY!