Matt Markoff ⎯ Executive Director

Calleva MD, Calleva VA, Full Time Staff, Summer Camp

Matt is one of Calleva’s founders and is our Executive Director. He’s been working at Calleva since before it even had a name, and they all sat around pitching ideas until his mother Mary suggested Calleva and it just stuck! He enjoys being able to work with his brothers and raise his kids in the outdoors. He’s also lucky to have all of our incredible staff as role models for his children and include them on all of his adventures. Matt loves getting to build camps alongside our staff, how there’s always so many projects happening at all times, and how when we come together to plan & work that he always learns so much from the team. Matt has two favorite Calleva activities, his favorite to run with campers and help build skills is most recently OneWheel camps. But, his favorite activity to do outside of camp is kayaking with a great group that paddles upstream in the bitter cold of winter.

Matt loves how Calleva is always open to new ventures and how we get to dream up how we make them work within our organization. Every year there’s several new opportunities and our team is great about making them happen. He hopes to always be learning new ways to do things, always be earning respect from friends, family, and colleagues, and always be returning love to his communities.