Lucy Martin ⎯ Program and Camp Director

Calleva Farm, Calleva MD, Full Time Staff, Summer Camp

Lucy is our Program and Camp Director and has been with the Calleva team since 2006 when she met Jen Rainey, a former Calleva HBR instructor. Lucy met Jen in a hotel in Tanzania and she convinced Lucy to come and volunteer at Calleva for a few months. After spending just three weeks of surfing, Adventure Island, and LIT, Lucy was completely hooked and basically has stayed at Calleva since then!

Lucy has two equally favorite parts of being at Calleva. One is the joy she gets watching her children having fun making new friends, having adventures and growing in confidence through summer camp HBR and kayaking programs all year round. The other, being part of an incredibly supportive family-like community. Her favorite programs at Calleva are Farm and Forest Cubs and sailing. Lucy loves being a part of young staff growing and developing into amazing leaders, and kind considerate humans.