Gayle Partain ⎯ Social Media Manager & Office Minion

Calleva Farm, Full Time Staff, Summer Camp

Gayle is our Office Minion, addressing camp family needs, managing social media content, and assisting with onboarding staff throughout the year. Gayle joined our team in the Spring of 2021 because Alex Markoff thought she might be fun, but didn't realize she goes to bed when the sun goes down.

She loves the massive amounts of teamwork that happens across all disciplines at Calleva and how there is always something new and exciting to be involved in. Her favorite Calleva activity is definitely not the Haunted Forest, “too scary” for Gayle! But, she is always stoked to hike and paddle board and hang out with the Calleva Farm animals.

What Gayle enjoys most about her role at Calleva is involved in a little bit of almost everything, and the friendships she has made. “The office G.O.A.T.s make Calleva life functional and fun!”