Chris Knowles ⎯ Artistic Director

Full Time Staff

Chris is our Graphic Designer & Artist Extraordinaire and has been with the Calleva team since 2010. Chris has been a graphic designer/illustrator for 30+ years now and has really enjoyed where it’s taken him as a career. He joined Calleva because of “the most beautiful woman in the world”, Lucy Martin who is our Program and Camp Director, who he met in the UK and it wasn’t too long before Chris gave up his job to come work with us. Since then he’s gotten married and now has two wonderful children and watched them grow up and begin working here too.

Chris loves working with the Calleva team and how the positive bunch of people can make just about anything happen. His favorite Calleva activity is Skiing, he had never done it before coming to Calleva and he loves it. He loves how his role allows him to work with almost every person on the team at some point, through either design or photography. Working at Calleva is definitely an adventure for Chris that’s based on family and friendship.

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