Chantal Agnew


My name is Chantal Agnew and I first became involved with Calleva in 2013 when I helped substitute for camp for 2 or 3 weeks. I fell in love with the work and with the community at Calleva and I have been a part of the Calleva family for over a decade. When I first started I was a soft-skills only staff. Over the years I learned a lot of hard skills and gained a lot of confidence. Being a part of Calleva truly changed the course of my life and the person I am today.

I like to Kayak in my free time and I discovered that love from being a part of Calleva. I love working with kids on the water with duckies, kayaks, or SUPs. I also enjoy being a part of the high adventures at Calleva. Growing green and Explorers are also some of my favorite activities.