Bobby Miller

River School, River School Instructor

Here at the River School, Bobby Miller is a main component of the instructor team. Bobby leads Fall Training, Cheat Training, Upper Yough Training, Green Training…. whatever you want to train for, the Zone Dogg turned elementary school teacher, can get you there!

Bobby began paddling as a kid. He loves creeking, running big waterfalls, and extreme racing. But his favorite part of kayaking is paddling with his daughter, Sahalie. She is named after his all-time favorite drop, Sahalie Falls in Oregon. It is an 80 foot waterfall with a terrifying entrance and exit. He describes the experiences, “I overcame my fear and had a nice run while my lovely wife, Melissa, of about a month at the time nervously looked on, taking video and pictures. It was one of those perfect moments where everything worked out. I had a strong crew with me that day, I took on a challenging drop, and I was able to share the experience with the love of my life. On the river, I am proud to continue to explore new challenges with kayaking still after 30 years of paddling. Off the river, I am proud that I am a 2nd grade teacher who gets to continually have a positive impact on the lives of my students.”

  • Calleva River School