2024 Registration for RETURNING Calleva Camp Families:
January 9, 2024 for Virginia Camps
January 11, 2024 for Maryland and High Adventure Camps
2024 Registration for RETURNING Calleva Camp Families:
Jan 9, VA Camps
Jan 11, MD & High Adventure Camps

Bill Witkoski

Bill is Calleva’s Challenge Course Director and has been with the team since 2013. When Bill came to Calleva he had the opportunity to live in a treehouse on the farm for a summer, and because he loved it so much, he lived there for another summer after. Bill loves getting to interact with our amazing staff and how this job continues to challenge him to learn and grow. Outside of Calleva, Bill really enjoys fishing out on the Potomac, hanging out with friends, playing basketball or volleyball, and working on small projects around the house with his dog.

His favorite Calleva activity to work is any challenge course program or the not widely known: above ground caving. He enjoys that his role allows him to design challenge course elements that will be challenging for our programs but also fun. His favorite board game is filling out staff bios!