Allison Barker


I joined Calleva this summer and am super excited to be a part of the team as a rock climbing instructor! My first Calleva experience was in 2015 with the Snow Club, where I had my first skiing experiences. While I only skied once between 2015 and this year, I finally learned how to ski this season and will always thank Calleva for introducing me to the incredible sport of skiing!

I love being outdoors and try to spend as much time outside as I can while being in college. In college, I spend a significant of my time running as I am on the track and field team, and otherwise can be found climbing, skiing, and hiking. I started climbing in 2021, and learned how to climb through the NOLS wilderness school. I've worked at a sleep-away summer camp off the coast of Washington State for the past two summers, and have found that I absolutely love working with children (especially outside!!). Besides outdoor recreation, I'm very passionate about environmental sustainability, wilderness medicine, and scrabble.