At Calleva, Everyone has a Good Time

Calleva staff are passionate about the outdoors & committed to fostering a love of the outdoors for our campers. This summer, we’ll be giving you snapshots of our 2019 camp leadership team so that you can get a feel for the stellar team we’ve got leading your kids for the season.  

  • Pod leader: AKA “Staff Chief” – a veteran Calleva staff that helps manage a group of counselors, helping with day-to-day camp leadership, including questions or concerns
  • Instructor: Experienced facilitator for one specific activity who teaches that activity all week (i.e. rafting, mountain biking, kayaking, climbing, etc.)
  • Director: Leads one section of camp (Cubs, EXP, EXPX, Adventure Camp, etc.), responsible for managing instructors, activities, logistics, and other matters.

This week’s featured staff: Alice Cook, Horseback Riding Instructor

Where are you from? Gaithersburg, MD (although I go to school in Grinnell, Iowa)

What area of camp you are involved in? Horseback Riding

What is your life outside of camp?  I am in my third year at Grinnell College majoring in Spanish and concentrating in Environmental Studies. Aside from school, I love riding horses (particularly eventing),  hiking with my beagle, Basil, and birdwatching. I also love my job working at my college’s preschool.

As a returning staff what keeps you coming back? The people at Calleva are truly amazing. Everyone is so good at what they do and has such a good time doing it. The support among staff is incredible. Being involved in horses my whole life, I’ve experienced a huge variety of barn environments and Calleva’s barn takes amazing care of their horses and is not only gorgeous and organized, but a happy, friendly, and welcoming place.

What is one of your favorite memories as a Calleva Staff? I will always remember walking among the monuments in D.C. early in the morning during last year’s instructor challenge. Even though I was exhausted and sore, everything was so beautiful and peaceful, it made me feel really lucky to live near D.C. Plus, I learned that the lights of the Kennedy Center turn off at 2am (who knew?!). 

Why is Calleva important to you? Calleva is helping the next generation form a relationship with the outdoors. These are the people who are going to help preserve and live in harmony with nature. 

What is one helpful tip for parents, campers, or new staff? Relax, no one cares if you look weird.

Fun fact about yourself? Rain is my favorite type of weather! (Also, I love chocolate!)