• 5:1 Student to Staff Ratio
  • April 9-16, 2022
  • 8 days
  • $1250


Spring Break Creeking Trip


Leave early Saturday morning from Riley’s Lock. Camp in tents, eat breakfast in camp, lunch on the river, and dinners in restaurants or over the fire. Each day we will kayak a river or creek starting and ending at the Cheat. We will return late Saturday night with the Cheat Youth group. 

We will be headed out to the creeking mecca of the South Eastern US. We will be running well known classics as well as spring run-off rivers. Our itinerary is flexible based on the flows, but what we know is that there will be some quality whitewater to be paddled.

All that is required is to have a good roll in whitewater, a level of comfort on Lower Yough – type whitewater, a spirit of adventure, and some cold-weather gear.

This trip is perfect for youth in Cheat Training, Commando Unit, or River School! You will find a whole new level of confidence after this week on new rivers.