Little Rippers Club

Basic Itinerary:

Introduction to boat and equipment, and brief safety talk. Once in the water we cover how to paddle straight, turn, and wet exit. These classes start on flat water and will move into current depending on the groups ability. 

Locations: Riley’s Lock
  • 5:1 Student to Staff Ratio
  • Sundays 1:30 pm – 4:30 pm
  • Riley’s Lock
  • June through August
  • $90 for one 3 hour lesson

Would your 8-13 year-old like to have a blast playing on the river, get more comfortable in the water, and learn a new skill? Join us this summer, Sundays at Riley’s Lock! Your kids will laugh and splash their way across the river as they learn about the river and kayaking. They will gain comfort and confidence exiting their boat, maneuvering through small rapids, and exploring the wild river.

Our instructors introduce kayaking as fun and game-based, with the mission to foster a lifelong love for kayaking and the outdoors. Basic skills will be covered like forward and turning strokes, using your body to edge, and how to flip and get out of the boat. Liquid Adventures uses the need-to-know method of teaching skills which allows your child to be active and try things without overwhelming verbal instruction. These classes are great when taken as a series and with a friend. Watch your child’s confidence and knowledge of the river grow each session. Be warned, their skills will quickly exceed your own! Parents with advanced beginner kayaking skills can tag along with the lesson as well, but the focus is on youth instruction.