Cheat training kayak
  • 9-18 year old
  • March 10 – May 7, 2022
  • Tuesdays and Saturdays
  • $410 for local sessions only
  • $75 each Cheat Trip
  • Registration opens Jan 3, 2022


Cheat Youth Training

  • Attainment workouts on weekday evenings, every Tuesday, 5- 7 pm, to build strength and boat control.
  • 8 Downriver workouts, Saturdays at 11 AM – 2PM
  • Cheat River Trips can be purchased separately on Saturdays in April. Paddlers must demonstrate sufficient skill.
Location: Anglers inn, Great Falls, Md, Cheat River

Enjoy the excitement of Cheat Training while paddling with your peers! During this 2 month program you will gain new skills, confidence and conditioning needed to take your paddling to the next level. It takes getting in shape to be comfortable in white water and to feel strong in your boat. When you work-out, over time, with persistence, you will develop balance, strength, endurance, and reflex skill.

Spend quality time in your boat, and you will begin to feel that you belong on the river and that you are ready to take on more exciting challenges. These are coached workouts (as opposed to classes), so expect to be moving almost the whole time, and expect a larger class size than our usual ratio.


You will need a long boat to keep up in these workouts. Calleva has a fleet of some old-school long boats including Pirouettes and Corsicas that we will lend to the youth group for Cheat season.  You will also need a dry suit or an equivalent level of thermal protection, wet suit, booties, and pogies.