• Grades 4-12
    • 6:1 Student to Staff Ratio
    • 6 weeks Spring 2021
    • $295 per person

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After School Kayaking

Basic Itinerary:

Drop off will be at 4pm at the pre determined location, either Riley’s Lock or Brookmont community church. We will get fitted into a boat and equipment, and put-in on the river. There we will work both one-on-one and with the group on river, rolling, and rescue skills. Pick up will be 6:15 pm at the same location. 


Riley’s Lock, Lock 6

2021 Spring After School Kayaking: Fall session begins Monday, May 10, 2021 and runs for 6 weeks.

Elementary, Middle and High School students can easily learn the skills needed to enjoy the beautiful and exciting Potomac River. We will be meeting at the river at 4pm. Your student will find his or herself open to the many challenges and adventures in the sport of kayaking that become possible as their skills progress.

  • Beginner & Intermediate, Elementary and Middle School Kayakers should sign up for Mondays or Tuesdays. 
  • Beginner & Intermediate, Middle and High School Kayakers should sign up for Wednesday or Thursday. (Thursday is the more advanced of the two)
  • For the most Advanced Kayakers we have Freestyle Fridays! Paddlers should have a solid whitewater roll and class 3 experience.
  • In each session, students will learn directional control of your boat, how to navigate current, how to roll, and safety awareness and rescue skills.