For over 40 years, we have been expanding the horizons of the sport, and helping paddlers of every skill level and of every age to build their confidence and ability. With caring instruction, depth of experience and sheer enthusiasm for the sport, Steve-O, Tom and their talented staff will take you step by step toward a lifetime of kayak skill and love of the outdoors.  

In all our programs, you are taught to play and enjoy the river while learning basic strokes, understanding river dynamics, and an appreciation for nature. Soon you will be able to paddle the river, roll your boat, surf some waves, boof over rocks and shred the GNAR! As you learn about the river, you will also learn about yourself and what you can be capable of. Our programs can introduce you to the sport of kayaking, or they can help raise you to a higher level. With a variety of different programs, you can access kayaking as it best fits interest, schedule and social needs. If you like to be active and desire to immerse yourself in the sport of kayaking, this program is for you. 

Our amazing youth offerings include:

  • SUMMER KAYAK CAMPS (9-15 year olds): Our introduction to kayaking on the Potomac River and other local runs. Fun games, challenges and positive goal setting is woven into strokes and kayak specific skills. And plenty of playtime in the water!
  • RIVER SCHOOL (9-15 year olds): Bigger rapids, better sections of river, more time on the water; River School prepares campers for success beyond summertime boating.
  • WEEKLONG TRIPS (12+): Taking your kayaking to the next level with a week on the river! Opportunities include Kayak Potomac, Kayak WV, Canada (Int), Canada (Adv), and a Spring Break Trip!
  • POOL ROLLING FOR YOUTH (9-18 year olds): Winter is a great time to learn to roll. Beginners and more advanced paddlers will both benefit from practice!
  • SLALOM TEAM: Join head coach Ashley Nee as she trains and leads the next generation of Slalom kayakers. Our team will train locally on the Potomac and travel to regionally races to compete.
  • AFTER SCHOOL KAYAKING (11-18 year olds): Pick up at Westland, Pyle, and Whitman or meet at the river right after school for 6 weeks. Offered in spring and fall, this program is great to introduce beginners to the wonderful world of kayaking and take more advanced paddlers further!
  • COMMANDO UNIT (11-18 year olds): In the fall, more advanced paddlers of the After School Kayaking program can train twice a week to improve fitness and competence in downriver and slalom competition. There is an opportunity to join two weekend kayak trips, if qualified.
  • CHEAT TRAINING FOR YOUTH (11-18 year olds): Get ready for the Cheat Race in early May through weeknight attainments, four downriver runs on the Potomac in March, and four trips to the Cheat River in West Virginia in April. This program will get you in the best shape ever for spring kayaking!