Sea Kayaking Gear and Equipment

Required Student Gear for SK2: Safety and Rescue

  • Bilge pump – The bilge pump makes it easy to remove unwanted water from any open boat. Brand names include NRS, Sea to Summit, Aqua-Bound.
  • Tow rope – Meets the critical needs of sea kayak towing rescue: deployment, towing, release, re-packing and immediate re-deployment. DO NOT purchase a white water throw rope. Brand names include North Water, NRS, Seals.
  • Paddle float – This easy to use compact float serves as an outrigger to stabilize your boat in an unassisted re-entry situation. Brand names include NRS, Sea to Summit, Seattle Sports.
  • Stirrup – If you have trouble getting out of the deep end of the pool, re-enter your kayak with ease and confidence. The Rescue Stirrup uses sinking webbing to position the loop for your foot. This is the perfect aid to help you get you back in your boat and paddling again. An suggested brand name is North Water.

Some manufactures package several of these products in a single package. Available on Amazon, NRS, REI, Outdoor Play, Backcountry and other vendor web sites.


Optional Student Gear

  • Knife – A common type of knife used at sea has a serrated edge, an advantage when trying to cut through lines, particularly those wrapped around your body during a capsize. River knives don’t have the rust prevention properties of a knife used in the marine salt water environment. Choose a blunt tip or hook model. Brands include: Bench Made, Gill or NRS
  • Sponge – This sponge will lift out sand and moisture from the bottom of your boat that traditional bilge pumps leave behind. Brands include NRS or Harmony. A low-cost alternative is getting a tile sponge at Home Depot.
  • Nose plugs – Nose clips make rolling and rescue practice more comfortable. The sea kayak style has a clip instead of a loop on the end. Brands include Salamander, Smileys, or Cottonmouth.