• Ages: 18+
  • April 19-23, 2021
  • $600 L4 full course (5 days) – $350 for IDW and $250 for ICE.
  • $500 L3 Full Course (4 days)
  • $400 L2 full course (3 days)
  • $300 L1 full course (2 days)

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ACA Level 1-4 Kayak Instructor Course

Basic Itinerary:

Day 1: Warm up, skill assessment, learning styles, lesson plans
Day 2: Throw ropes, maneuvers, rescues
Day 3: Fear management, T-rescues, Rolling, River Hazards
Day 4: Skill practice, surfing, teach actual beginners
Day 5: Evaluation, video review, wrap up, feedback


Riley’s Lock, Lock 6, Great Falls, MD, Anglers

Join Steve-O and Calleva’s River School in an innovative, progressive, and quality program for kayak instructors. For five days during the ACA Instructor’s course, we combine highly experienced, positive-minded instruction, video techniques, and a variety of teaching methods and venues to demonstrate our unique learning methods.

Whether your interest lies in teaching in a formal program, guiding friends or club members, or just improving your own personal skills, these classes provide a wealth of information and hands-on skills training. The curriculum covers all that is required for American Canoe Association (ACA) certification, and more.

Our annual May instructor workshop is organized into two portions; a 3 day Instructor Development Workshop (IDW) and a 2 day instructor certification exam (ICE). During the IDW your instructor trainer (IT) will introduce you to the ACA and the techniques and methods for kayak instruction. During the ICE you will have the opportunity to demonstrate your proficiency with the material, techniques, and skills through assigned and unassigned teaching topics, scenarios, and mock classes. Instructor candidates will have the chance to earn a Level 3 (river) or Level 4 (whitewater) kayak instructor certification from the ACA upon successful completion of the course.

Join Steve-O and staff for the best training in successful teaching techniques, safety and rescue issues, group leadership and organization, stroke development and more!

***Boaters should be at the intermediate and advanced level and are expected to have their own kayak and equipment.***