• Ages: 18+
      • Mentorship Program Dates for 2022: 10/9, 11/13, 12/11, 2/12, 3/12
      • Week long course June 6- 10, 2022
      • $600 for L3 (4 days)
      • $700 for L4 (5 days)

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ACA Level 1-4 Kayak Instructor Course

Basic Itinerary:

Day 1: Warm up, skill assessment, learning styles, lesson plans
Day 2: Throw ropes, maneuvers, rescues
Day 3: Fear management, T-rescues, Rolling, River Hazards
Day 4: Skill practice, surfing, teach actual beginners
Day 5: Evaluation, video review, wrap up, feedback


Riley’s Lock, Lock 6, Great Falls, MD, Anglers

Join Steve-O and Calleva’s River School in an innovative, progressive, and quality program for kayak instructors. For five days during the ACA Instructor’s course, we combine highly experienced, positive-minded instruction, video techniques, and a variety of teaching methods and venues to demonstrate our unique learning methods.

Whether your interest lies in teaching in a formal program, guiding friends or club members, or just improving your own personal skills, these classes provide a wealth of information and hands-on skills training. The curriculum covers all that is required for American Canoe Association (ACA) certification, and more.

Join Steve-O and staff for the best training in successful teaching techniques, safety and rescue issues, group leadership and organization, stroke development and more!

***Boaters should be at the intermediate and advanced level and are expected to have their own kayak and equipment.***