Professional Development

NEW! Rescue Ready Swiftwater Rescue Series 

When your whitewater situation gets real, will you remember your training?

We are transforming Swiftwater Rescue Training by expanding the traditional 16 hour curriculum into 4 hour modules. Train more often and to be able to repeat important skills until you feel confident! Once your fundamental skills are established in Levels 1-5, you will be qualified for the Level 4 scenario sessions where you put your skills to test in actual swift-water conditions. You should start with RR1. From there, you may sign up for any of the Levels 1-5 as they fit your schedule. You should take Levels 1-5 and the scenarios before moving on.

RR1-5 plus scenarios meets Requirement for Calleva Trips on Class IV

RR 1-8 Hours gets a Skills Assessment Card

RR1-14 Hours gets an Advanced Card

Enroll in 4 modules every 2 years to stay current!

At Calleva we believe in regular rescue training because it is fun, because you might need it someday and because, when that day comes, we want you to be able to respond confidently and safely.