Seneca Showdown

2017 Race Results

Whether you regularly compete in races or your new to racing the Seneca Showdown is the event for you! Come out and test your endurance against some of the Potomac River areas best paddlers. The Seneca Showdown consists of a downriver race and an attainment race. The race course is located on the class ll section of the Potomac River know as the G.W. Canal and Seneca Breaks.

April 29, 2018
Class ll
Downriver and attainment
Family friendly

Cost:$25 for 1, $30 for both


What separates this race from any other race in the area is that the race course is not set. All you receive before the race is a start point, turn around point, and the finish line. People that race it come back every year and try different lines every time! We find that keeping the race course open adds adventure to the Seneca Showdown. Competing in this race will not just test your paddling speed, but also your endurance by entering both races!

We will have prizes for each category that has more than 3 participants competing in the races. After the race is over we will have an award ceremony and food provided by the Elks Club. The Seneca Showdown is a family friendly event with a wide view of the race course, picnic benches, and food for everyone! This event is also the kick off of Team River Runners family Sunday paddle.

The Seneca Showdown is also the start to the President of the Potomac race series. This series consists of 8 races on 8 different sections of the Potomac River.