Cheat Lite Kayak
    • Ages- 14 – to adult
    • Where- Location dependent on level
    • Time- Weekday (flexible) and 12-2 Saturdays
    • Starts the first Saturday of the month
    • Length- 2 hours
    • Cost- $340, Or sign up for 10 dates throughout the winter for 25% off

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Winter workout series

Details: We have designed this training to keep you shape over the winter, and work on proper technique, we will be working hard while on the river. We do not require a specific boat for this training, long boats, half slice, and slalom boat would be nice, but not required. We also have a large fleet of kayaks available for use. Students should have a roll and equipment suitable for winter paddling conditions. *you may also sign up for classes individually.

Itinerary: Steve-O will be meeting you twice a week for four weeks to work on technique, mental preparedness, and fitness. We will be meeting Saturdays for Slalom and weekdays will rotate between downriver workout, attainments, and specialty clinics (boofing, bracing/ rolling, advanced strokes, rescue techniques, or more). We will be also offering an end of series river trip depending on levels.


Locations: Along the Potomac River, river level dependent