• Ages 14 – Adult
    • 6:1 Student to Staff Ratio
    • Saturdays, 9-11 am
    • Advanced Sessions 12-2pm
    • 2020- 2021 dates posted!
    • $85 per class or sign up for 10 for $255 off

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Winter Slalom

Basic Itinerary:

Meet your instructor at the Feeder Canal, on the river. Head downstream for an intensive warm up with stroke drills, forward, and backward paddling. Upstream, we will create several short courses to work on specific skills. Students with varying skill levels can all be challenged in the same course by adding upstream edging, learning different stroke combinations, or using just one paddle blade. You will feel your comfort in the current and on the eddy line increase as you work the gates. Class may end with a surf session or a cool-down on the way to the take out.

Winter is the perfect time to work on strokes and fitness in the protected channel of the Feeder Canal. This is where your paddling can go from basic to stylish, graceful, and efficient! Solid technique gained from slalom practice provides a strong foundation for river running. Taught by current and former National Team members, you will learn to use your strokes, paddle with glide, and be precise in your lines. Each week classes will vary in focus; from surfing a wave across the river, to squirts and pivots. You will get a solid workout while having a chance to think about your paddling in a whole new way! These workouts are an integral component of the Liquid Adventures program at all levels, and designed to complement all our other classes.

A step up from the summer Slalom for River Runners classes, intermediate and experienced paddlers alike will benefit. Don’t lose your hard-won paddling skills just because it’s winter!

You must have a solid roll and adequate cold-weather gear to join us for this class. Intermediate paddlers are expected to bring their own boat and equipment. Students may use plastic river running or creek boats or may bring slalom boats. The instructor may teach from a slalom boat.

Advanced Workout sessions are held some Saturdays 12-2 pm. Students should have a good grasp on how to execute slalom moves (spins, upstream gates, attainments) and be able to remember longer courses.  You should also have a boat with a low volume stern for the advanced class. Slalom boats are great but so are Braaaps, RPMs, etc.

Often students take this class multiple times as they learn something new every time they go out.