• Ages 14 – Adult
    • Intermediate Slalom Clinic 3rd Thursday of each month
    • 6-8 pm
    • $85 per session

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Slalom Stroke Clinic

Basic Itinerary:

Meet your instructor at the Feeder Canal, on the river. Warm up with stroke drills, forward, and backward paddling. Heading up to the moving part of the river, we create a course through a combination of gates to work on maneuvers like eddy turns, peel outs, ferries. You will feel your comfort in the current and on the eddy line increase as you work the gates. Students with varying skill levels can all be challenged in the same course. Class may end with a surf session or a cool-down on the way to the take out.

Location: Feeder Canal (Lock 6)

Ever wonder how some paddlers look effortless, graceful, and efficient? Sometimes it almost looks like they are on a track, in rhythm with the river’s flow. Solid technique gained from slalom practice provides a strong foundation for river running. We will show you how to effectively use your strokes to cross an eddy line with precision, gain extra glide with each stroke, and enter the eddy just where you want to be. By teaching you the basics of the Olympic sport, Whitewater Slalom, using gates to plan your route, our instructors will improve your technique on the river. You will work on balance and edging as well as forward, draw, and sweep strokes. These workouts are an integral component of the River School program at all levels, and designed to complement all our other classes. Intermediate and experienced paddlers alike will benefit from these technical stroke workouts.

Intermediate Slalom Clinics 2022 Dates:

June 16, July 21, August 18, September 15