• Ages 14 – to adult
    • May – August
    • Wednesdays at Lock 6 and Saturdays at Riley’s Lock or Angler’s Inn
    • 2 hours
    • All kayaking gear is provided
    • $100 per person

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Rolling on the River

  • Meet your River School instructor, learn how to outfit your boat, head to the river, get used to being upside down in your boat, master your wet exit, introduce buddy rescues, get into the motions of the roll.
  • Riley’s Lock, Lock 6

Sick of flipping over in your kayak and having to swim out? Well, we have the perfect remedy for that, a rolling session with our expert instructors. We will take you step by step into the art of rolling your kayak. We will review the basics of outfitting your boat, carrying your boat, and wet exits. Once we are all comfortable with that we will go into paddle positions, hip snaps, and head dinks- all part of your roll! Our instructors have learned the best techniques on rolling from Tom McEwan who was there when the roll was created… almost.

Prerequisite to Rolling on the River is the Beginner Level 1: Introduction or similar experience. Students should be comfortable with a wet exit and have been in a whitewater kayak prior to taking this class. 

In all beginner-level classes boats are provided or you can bring your own. Kayaks are hardshell with an enclosed cockpit.