Intermediate Instruction

Intermediate river classes are designed to work on a specific skills and can be taken multiple times, unlike the progressive format of beginner classes. If you have a flat water roll and some class III experience, you may join us for any of these classes. Intermediate paddlers are expected to bring their own boat and equipment.

  • River Running– Explore sections the Potomac River near DC, from just below Great Falls down to Little Falls. Couple your strokes and surfing skills learned in Thursday night classes with river-reading skills and smooth lines. (4 hours)
  • Surfing at the Chutes– Surf, ferry, practice your combat rolls at MD, Center, and VA chutes. (2 hours)
    Slalom for River Runners– Strokes and techniques to make your ferries, eddy turns and peel outs more precise and fluid. (4 hours)
  • Winter Slalom– A step up from Slalom for River Runners, train for strength and precision in the gates.

Class location is subject to change due to river level but generally held at Anglers Inn, Great Falls, MD, Lock 6 or Lock 5.

  • Rolling on the River: Rolling technique, available Wednesday evenings and Saturday afternoons in the summer.
  • Pool Rolling: Maintain your roll during the winter in an indoor pool!

Each class is available to you one at a time or in a package of three.

  • Intermediate PLP: Awesome, month-long program, including four river runs, three Thursday evening classes, and culminating with a trip to the Lower Yough – Students often experience real breakthroughs in their paddling with these intensive programs.
  • Open Practice: Free to students who are signed up for a package of at least three lessons of any sort – at Lock 6 on Tuesday evenings. We supply the boats. You can get an evening of practice and hang out with paddling friends.