Intermediate Kayaking

Intermediate paddlers encompass a wide variety of skill levels, from those with a solid flat water roll, an emerging whitewater roll, and some class III whitewater experience to those who are comfortable on class III-IV runs. Intermediate boaters are expected to have their own boat and equipment. Please contact the office prior to class if you need a rental.

River Running– Explore sections the Potomac River near DC, from just below Great Falls down to Little Falls. Couple your strokes and surfing skills learned in Thursday night classes with river-reading skills and smooth lines. (4 hours)

Surfing the Chutes Clinic– Surf, ferry, practice your combat rolls at MD, Center, and VA chutes. (2 hours)

Slalom Stroke Clinics– Strokes and techniques to make your ferries, eddy turns and peel outs more precise and fluid. (2 hours)

Classes are generally held at Anglers Inn in Potomac, MD or Riley’s Lock in Poolesville, MD on Saturday or Sunday mornings.

Open Rolling: Practice your roll during the winter in an indoor pool!  $20 open sessions.

Intermediate PLP: the PLP is your big leap into class lll white water, including four river runs, three Thursday evening classes, and culminating with a trip to the Lower Yough – Students often experience real breakthroughs in their paddling with these intensive programs.

Open Practice: Free to students who are signed up for a package of at least three lessons of any sort – at Anglers Inn on Tuesday evenings. We supply the boats. You can get an evening of practice and hang out with paddling friends.

Private Lessons: Looking for something more personalized? Let our instructors help design the perfect program for you, or your group, that meets your specific needs.

Winter Slalom– A step up from Slalom for River Runners, train for strength and precision in the gates. October – February

Training Programs

Liquid Adventures is also proud to offer Training Programs. These are a longer series of sessions, often meeting twice a week, to focus on building strength, endurance, and confidence.

Cheat Lite Paddle twice a week in the spring, get strong enough to run the Cheat Canyon! March and April.

Cheat Training The area’s best spring training program! Includes four trips to the Cheat Canyon to train for the race. March and April.

Yough Lite Train twice a week on the Potomac  to gain the strength and confidence you need to run the area’s best class III+ rivers. May and June.

Fall Training Build playboat and big-water river running skills. Late August and September.


Whether you are a weekend warrior or want a week-long adventure of a lifetime, we have a trip for you. There are many amazing, classic runs in Western Maryland, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. Liquid Adventures has been spending 35 winters exploring the canyons, blue travertine drops, and steep creeks of Mexico. Or, join us for a week in Canada for some high-volume surfing and fun!

Intermediate Mexico Trips including Cascadas de Valles (III): waterfalls trip in November, Tlapacoyan Lite: Dec. 26- Jan. 2 Agua Blanca Actopan: low intermediate trip to Veracruz in January/February, Deep Canyons of Veracruz (III): Classic rivers in Veracruz in January and February

Lower Yough One of the classic low intermediate runs in the east.

Canada (Int) Surf the big, beautiful waves of the Ottawa!


Advanced paddlers are those with a solid whitewater roll and some experience on class IV whitewater. We know advanced paddlers often serve as trip leaders and paddle with groups of friends. Work with us to expand your skills, paddle with a thriving community, discover new rivers, and become more competent as an instructor. We invite you to join our advanced program, and challenge yourself in more difficult whitewater environments. Our clinics and workouts are designed to build your skills and judgment so that you are confident in Class IV.

Train and compete in some of our amazing races!