Intermediate PLP

Basic Itinerary:

Week I:  On the first weekend, we meet both Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Saturday, after assessing students skills, and reviewing basic strokes, we’ll focus on the skills you need to improve. Sunday is a 4 hour Intermediate River Running session. Tuesday is the Open Practice session and Thursday is a Slalom Workout or Surfing at the Chutes.
Week II:  The next Sunday on the River Running class we work on rolling in more adverse conditions and knowing how to make good decisions running rapids. Thursday evening is another Slalom or Surfing the Chutes class.
Week III: This week, the River Run the Potomac class will take you to another challenging part of the river and another Thursday evening stroke session to sharpen your skills.
Week IV: We’ll take an overnight trip on a trip to the Lower Yough. Test your skills in this beautiful, dynamic settings only a few hours away from DC.

Prerequisites: Reliable flat water roll and emerging combat roll, self-rescue skills, comfort with ferrying, peel outs and eddy turns, comfort in class II rapids.

  • Ages 14 – Adult
  • 5:1 Student to Staff Ratio
  • Sessions begin at start of each month, June through September
  • $680 per person

All in one month, the PLP is your big leap from beginner into class lll white water. You will build confidence in your skills, increase your comfort level in challenging rapids, and plan your own river excursions. With a friendly, certified instructor, you will follow the intermediate progression of skills along with a group of similarly-skilled folks.

The PLP requires a month-long commitment, including every weekend and at least one week night each week. Package programs start at the beginning of every month, June through September. If you are unable to commit to the PLP, you can take intermediate classes individually.

Intermediate PLP students are expected to bring their own boat and gear to classes. We encourage you immerse yourselves in kayaking during the month and so offer PLP students an option to rent boat and gear for an additional charge of $75 for the month along with agreeing to pay for any loss or damage of equipment by signing our rental agreement policy. Students must be able to secure the boat to their car with roof racks & straps.