learn to kayak near Great Falls

Beginner Programming

Our lessons help you build kayak skills while having fun on the beautiful Potomac River.  With the friendly guidance, we’ll show you what you need to know to paddle safely and confidently on the river. Because this is adventure sport, we have you put those skills to use right away in exploring the river! You won’t be sitting and listening to lengthy lectures. We will get you into the action and be with you step by step as you expand your experience. We encourage paddlers to push their abilities and comfort level in a safe environment. Once out on the water, you share a feeling of calm and bliss.  This is the program for anyone looking to learn how to kayak in the Washington DC area.

Calleva’s Liquid Adventures beginners have little or no experience in a whitewater kayak. Some of our beginners start with a foundation in sea kayaking or sit-on-top kayak experience which will help with strokes and comfort. You will find that a whitewater boat feels different. Whitewater boats turn more easily.  You will also need to master the wet exit, flipping over and getting out of your boat. If this is you you should start with Beginner Instruction Classes. Your instructor will lead you through carefully considered learning steps as you paddle out onto the flat and easy moving water of the Potomac.

You are considered an Advanced Beginner if you have already tried river kayaking or sea kayaking and are comfortable with wet exits and bow rescues. You also have been introduced to the basic strokes for steering your boat.  An Advanced Beginner will be working on a roll in moving water, and mastering eddy turns, peel outs, ferrying, and maneuvering around rocks. You can look at Beginner Instruction (you may want to begin with Level 3 or 4) or a beginner River Trip down the Mather Gorge.