Specialty Kayak Clinics

Basic Itinerary:

We will be offering clinics focused specific skills such as boofing, rolling/ bracing/ hole escape, advanced maneuvers, self rescue, advanced strokes, and Slalom


Along the Potomac River where ever the level is best for that class. We will email day before class to let you know. 

  • 14 – Adult
  • 5:1 Staff Ratio
  • $85 plus
  • Lessons on the Potomac

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Boof clinic– Learn how to get your boat to sail off the water or rocks to get that sweet disconnect from the water.

Rolling, bracing, and hole escape– Fear no sticky holes no more! We will start in flat water to teach the fundamental techniques then move into features that will make us work to get out of!

Advanced Maneuvers– Learn how to move your boat through the water with less effort and more grace.

Advanced Strokes– We will be adding tools to your paddle toolbox to help you make down river moves with ease.

Slalom- Practicing hard moves in easy whitewater is how you become a better more stylish paddlers, see how we use slalom techniques to glide us through the river.