Advanced Trainings

Find out what it’s like to be in top shape on the river. Liquid Adventures offers several long term, goal-oriented training programs throughout the year. Train for strength, endurance, and competition. We run these sessions work out style, with participants almost always in motion and a slightly larger group size. We chose expert, professional staff to help you take your boating to the next level. At the end of your training program you will find your confidence and ability leaps and bounds above where you started.

Cheat Training- Weeknight attainments, 4 downriver runs on the Potomac, 4 Saturday trips to the Cheat. The goal is to race the Cheat Race the first Friday in May.
Cheat Elite- Train for the race with two runs on the Cheat per trip and advanced level drills.
Upper Yough Training- Designed to see you thrive, not just survive on the Upper Yough. 2 months of slalom workouts and river runs on the Potomac. Trips available for those who qualify.
Fall Training- 4 weeknight playboating workouts, 4 Saturday river runs. If you qualify you can take a trip with us to the Gauley free of charge!