Playboating Clinic

Basic Itinerary:

Pro paddler Bobby “Zone Dogg” Miller will be working with you in the pool to perfect your flat water playboating skills. He will be focusing first on how to control your edges, then work on stern squirting, from there we will go over the Double Pump. After we cover the Double Pump, Bow stalling and flat water moves are within reach.


The Hurd Pool, Madeira School- 8328 Georgetown Pike, McLean, VA 22102

  • Saturdays, 4 – 6 pm
  • Nov. 18, Dec. 16, Feb. 10, 24
  • $75 per person
  • The Hurd Pool, Madiera School
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Join us for a new program for 2018! To really be the best paddler you can be you need to have a well rounded paddling background. Being able to playboat can really improve your river running, creeking, and slalom paddling. Bobby Miller will be teaching you how to properly use the edges of your playboat to help you maneuver in the pool and give you tools to transfer that knowledge into the river.

This class will also help you with your offside, hand roll, back deck roll, stern squirting, double pump, and more. To participate in this class you will need a solid flat water roll. If you need to learn this please visit our pool rolling page HERE.