Paddle Mexico

2017 marked 30 years of exploring Mexican whitewater. We offer trips for intermediate to advanced kayakers through the amazing canyons and jungles. Tom McEwan knows Mexico like the back of his hand, he will show you the secret beaches, taco stands, and whitewater that he has discovered of the years. All of our trips include food, accommodation, and kayaks.

  • Cascadas de Valles (lll-lV)– Explore the beautiful waterfalls of the Valles area. You have never seen water this blue!
  • Cacadas de Valles (lll)– We spend more time this week really perfecting your waterfall running skills. This week is perfect for those looking to run their first waterfalls!
  • Deep Canyons of Veracruz (lll+)– Come with us as we take to the top of amazing waterfalls and the bottom of deep canyons!
  • Tlapacoyan Lite (lll+-lV)– Intro into steep creeking! This week will teach you all the fine skills of getting your bow up and keeping your head dry.
  • Advanced Tlapacoyan (lV+)– We take you to all the advanced sections of the Alseseca and Jahlacingo that you have heard so much about!
  • Agua Blanca Actopan (ll-lll)– Join us for our favorite week of kayaking in Mexico, filled with fun whitewater, sunny beaches, and delicious tacos.