• Ages 16 and up
  • Boof clinic
  • Advanced Upper Yough Clinic
  • Creeking Clinic
  • Green River Weekend sign up will be separate
  • $425 per person not including the Green weekend
  • You must have a creek boat for this program

Registration for July 2023 not yet available


Green River Coaching

  • Advanced Upper Yough Clinic or Creeking Clinic
  • Boof Clinic (6-8 pm at Lock 5)
  • Advanced Upper Yough Clinic or Creeking Clinic
  • Green River Trip (if you qualify)

The Green River is such an incredible classic Southeastern river! Continuity, training, and expert coaching will help to get you ready for the Green. We will be covering basics of boofing on Little Falls,  2 creeking clinics, and, if you qualify, you will be invited to spend a weekend at the Green, additional registration will apply.  Space is limited — register early!