The Wilderness Film Intensive at Calleva is for the dedicated film student interested in making something of their very own.

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Wilderness Film Intensive at Calleva

Spend a semester with award-winning filmmaker Keith Boynton!

Our brand-new Calleva Gap program is a hands-on skills experience for young people interested in filmmaking. Students will sink their teeth into the joys and challenges of filmmaking – and, in the process, create a feature-length film. Calleva’s commitment to empowerment and personal challenge, combined with a film-production curriculum designed by Boynton, makes this a unique Gap Year opportunity.

  • FILM EXPERIENCE – Engaging all aspects of filmmaking gives students an A-to-Z perspective on the medium, as well as the experience they need to move forward in the industry.
  • COLLABORATION – Embracing collective ownership in an exciting project allows students opportunities to think for themselves and work effectively as part of a team. 
  • CREATIVITY – Stretching boundaries to think outside the box provides a chance to create something entirely unique.
  • SKILLS – Pursuing ideas and discipline alongside professionals in the field of film.

Throughout the program, students work with industry professionals in month-long blocks, each of which emphasizes an aspect of filmmaking. Students stay on track to complete their film project over two semesters:

  • Fall Semester: Writing, Pre-Production, and Shooting — students learn the raw focus of film production.
  • Spring Semester: Editing, Finishing (Music, Color, Sound),  and Distribution — students work through the entire post-production experience.

Of course, at Calleva we believe a well-balanced life is the best kind of life — so why not finish up camera work with an afternoon of personal challenge on the river or trail? Alongside their filmmaking, WFI students will engage with Calleva mentors and the core Semester of Skills cohort to develop skills in the outdoors. WFI students make the most of their downtime and access all of the resources in their backyard.

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The Wilderness Film Intensive is just that — INTENSE!! General expectations for students are as follows:

  • Students should be motivated – eager to learn, eager to work, and interested in all aspects of the filmmaking process.
  • Students should be prepared for long hours, especially during the four weeks of shooting. A standard shooting day on a professional set is 12 hours (not including a break for lunch six hours in).
  • Students should be inquisitive, creative, and prepared to work collaboratively. Filmmaking is a group effort, and the team is only as strong as its members.
  • Students should understand that although this is a “school” environment, with plenty of emphasis on instruction and mentorship, one of our key goals is to come out of this process with a complete, marketable, professional-standard feature film. This will not be a “student film,” or exclusively a learning experience; part of the purpose of this program is for us to make a real movie together.
  • Students will have a financial stake in the finished film – so that any success it finds will be their success too!

Students can elect to participate in a single 12-week semester or “stack” the semesters together for a full 24 weeks of programming. In order to see the entire film process to its completion, the 24-week experience is the best option and the most rewarding for students.

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