Boarding Program for High School Graduates

Tuition: $18,000/semester

Fall 2021 Semester
Spring 2022 Semester

Limited Availability

Calleva’s Semester of Skills

Semester of Skills is the Calleva standard Gap program — get involved in anything and everything that Calleva does to learn skills that you use throughout your life.

The outcomes: Calleva’s Semester of Skills program aims to allow young adults to grow in their:

  • SKILL BASE – Receive nationally recognized certifications, a collection of hard skills that can be applied throughout life, as well as the soft skills necessary to work collaboratively in teams. 
  • SELF SUFFICIENCY – Participants will have opportunities to design projects (from outdoor adventures to construction), and learn to execute their own ideas by applying many different tools and techniques.
  • COMMUNITY OUTREACH – Participants will use the skills they learn with Calleva to spread outdoor adventure sports to the larger community, providing access to the outdoors to those who may otherwise not have the opportunity.

The plan for achieving these outcomes:  We have designed our semesters so that students will be exposed to a variety of life skills that give confidence and focus in a setting where they can expand creativity, independence, and empowerment.

Students begin their semester in an Introductory Block, where they’ll complete basic skills curriculum in each area of instruction. After the Introductory Block, students will start a Group Intensive Project that will allow them to fine tune their skills in various trades and work on a group project to perfect those skills. Each day of the Group Intensive Project begins with a lesson, and then students get into the meat of their project and learn in the best way that we know how – by doing! The third block of the semester is for each student’s Independent Project, where students have the opportunity to choose a project to do on our farm based on the skills that they have practiced in the preceding blocks. The semester wraps up with a 10-day outdoor adventure planned by the Gap students throughout the program!

In addition to core daily programming, Calleva GAPpers commit to an outdoor sport to participate in each afternoon (running, biking, paddling, climbing, etc.) as well as 1-2 nights per week of educational workshops and community engagement programs. We believe that this will allow participants to learn balance as they enter adulthood, and make sure they are choosing productive ways to spend their time.

Students can elect to participate in a single 12-week semester or “stack” the semesters together for a full 24-weeks of programming. We would love to have students learn all year with us – check us out!


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