2018 Dates

Deadly Dinner

Farm to Table Dinners at the Calleva Farm during our October benefit performance of Markoff’s Haunted Forest. These are a series of unique evenings inside a nationally ranked haunt during operating hours and takes a stab at some strange and unusual dishes. A full service dinner, featuring the fall garden harvest, local libations, and unique performances from our dead. Think Dirty Dinner, but with a macabre atmosphere, and where the boundaries of food expectations are toyed with, then broken. Followed by access to the Haunted Forest and Haunted Town.

A typical Deadly Dinner evening starts at the Calleva Farm at 7 pm for Dinner, Ghosts & Goblins.

Goals: We want to showcase Calleva Farm and our produce and become a link between the Montgomery County Ag Reserve and nearby urban communities. We want to help foodies connect with local growers as well as our own Growing Green farming and education programs. Finally, we want to help improve awareness of the farms, artists & businesses that exist in rural Montgomery County…… and scare you silly!

Warnings: : All plates may contain the following: veggies, nuts, gluten, protein, meats (not tofu) and dairy. Due to the nature of our meals, we are unable to accommodate special dietary requests.

Cancellation Policy: Due to the nature of our events, Dirty Dinners at Calleva Farm require advance reservations.  We can not accommodate refunds or cancellations, however you can transfer your reservation to some one else. If you cannot attend the dinner and you wish to transfer your tickets please contact us with the new guest information one week prior to the event (at the latest!).  We will only allow transfers with at least one week notice before events.  If you want to sell your tickets, a good place to find buyers is our Dirty Dinners Facebook Page.  Transfer of funds for your tickets is your responsibility.  You can also apply your tickets to another Dirty Dinner for an additional fee.   This option is available on a space available basis only.

DirtyDinners (at) calleva.org