Working Student

The Working Student Program:  Calleva offers a wonderful Working Student and Internship program for horse enthusiasts ages 13 and up. These modern-day apprenticeships are designed to:

  • teach skills
  • build self esteem
  • foster identity development
  • fulfill the young rider’s need for responsibility

Working Students are selected from Calleva’s fine pool of riding students. Potential Working Students undergo a training and evaluation process before becoming ‘full fledged’ Working Students. They are expected to participate in various aspects of horse care, barn management and instruction, including teaching the basics of grooming and tacking to novice riding students, leading beginners in lessons, untacking horses, returning them to their pastures and assisting in keeping the barn clean.

Most of our Working Students become very accomplished and confident horse people. Due to their knowledge and confidence quite a number of our Calleva Working Students have actually been hired by other barns to assist their students! We love to see the evolution of our Working Students.  A few have even become riding instructors for Calleva!

CHAP Lessons are focused in developing confidence and skill. The confidence starts with understanding the nature of horses and developing a strong relationship through our own behaviors. Once students feel comfortable on and around these magnificent animals, the student and horse are ready to work on their trust through practiced skills and challenges. As each task is accomplished, the rider’s knowledge, patience, determination and understanding make a bond. That’s what fuses both rider and horse into this marvelous partnership that makes one ever wonder why they did not start this sooner.

Summer Camp

3 Levels of horseback riding Summer Camps offered June, July, & August.

Horse Days

School is closed, but the barn may be open. Find out when!