• Full Lease – $375 per month
  • Half Lease – $225 per month
  • 1 hour Practice Ride – $40/rider
  • Leasing – A Full Lease allows for 5 rides/week and a Half Lease for 3 rides/week. Leasers will be paired with a suitable horse. Students treat the horse as though he or she was their own horse without the added costs of vet and farrier visits, de-worming and feed expenses. This is a great deal and a nice introduction to horse ownership.
  • Practice Rides – If you are experienced enough and would like to practice riding without any specific instruction or without being a leaser, come ride one of our many horse for an hour workout in our outdoor arena or our indoor arena. You may be evaluated on your first ride to assess your level and needs. Must be a confident and experienced rider and be able to catch, groom and tack a horse on your own.