Calleva Horse Adventure Programs (CHAPs)

The Calleva Farm is home to many horses, and is a great place to build a relationship with these amazing animals. While some riding programs focus on the competitive aspects of equestrian sport, Calleva’s focus is primarily on the recreational and therapeutic value of horses while maintaining the highest standards of safety, education & skill.

Calleva Horse Adventure Programs (CHAPs) can be considered as a non traditional equestrian program in the sense that it’s approach to horses can have several outcomes. Although we strive to help our students become better horsemen and better riders, CHAPs likes to explore the benefits of the farm life as well. We like to incorporate important environmental values into our programs and we appreciate the adventurous side of horseback riding.


CHAPs: We offer a wide variety of opportunities to interact with horses in a friendly environment with excellent facilities and exceptional teachers.  Our staff care for the horses, land, riders, and overall quality of your visit at the Calleva Farm. Whether you’re a beginner or expert, coming as an individual or as part of a group, we can create an experience that’s just right for you!  We have a variety of Horse Adventures, with traditional riding experiences as well as programs for horse lovers with special needs (every ability and age can be accommodated).

CHAP Questions

Questions specifically regarding the Horseback Riding program.