Agriculture and Environmental

Workshops Include:

  • Soil studies
  • Stream Studies
  • Forestry Studies
  • Sprouting Plants
  • Invasive Species Study
  • Macroinvertebrates Study
  • Bees and Pollinator Studies
  • Leave No Trace Ethics
  • Farm Animals
  • Sustainable Energy
  • Wildlife Habitat Studies
  • Water Cycling on a Farm
  • Sustainable Forestry

Calleva staff cherish our natural resources, and the best way to ensure their enduring health is to teach our next generation about sustainability and stewardship.   Choose from a variety of hands-on workshops for your students to rotate through. These workshops are facilitated in small groups by our experienced Calleva staff, who engage students with interactive and age-appropriate lessons. All programs can run as half-day, full-day, multiple day or any combination. Due to customization, pricing varies extremely. We offer transportation, food, and first-time discounts.

Calleva is a MAEOE Certified Environmental Center.


Workshop availability may depend on the location of the field trip, as well as the season!

Agricultural/Environmental programs can take place in the following locations:

  • On our 200+ acre sustainable farm in Dickerson, MD
  • On our new, beautiful riverfront Northern Virginia campus!
  • On “adventure island”– a wild island on the Potomac River across from Riley’s Lock
  • On-site at a local park near your school



Possible Workshops

  • Soil studies (Farm, Island)
    • Learn about soil degradation and the importance of nutrient cycling. Participate in hands-on composting to maintain soil health
  • Stream studies (Farm, VA, Island, Onsite)
    • Observe and measure the chemical, physical, and biological health of a stream.  Use testing kits to record data related to the pH, dissolved oxygen, and nitrate levels of a stream
    • Can be combined with any river program (canoeing/kayaking/SUP/rafting) to create an adventure-based field trip that is also educational!
  • Forestry Studies (Farm, VA, Island, Onsite)
    • Students learn about the parts of a tree, tree identification, decomposition, and the symbiotic relationship we have with trees
  • Sprouting plants (Farm)
    • Learn about plant life cycles and help plant or harvest vegetables in our greenhouse or garden
  • Invasive Species Study: (Farm, Island, VA, Onsite)
    • Learn about the causes and proliferation of invasive species and help identify and remove invasive species from a specific area
  • Macroinvertebrates Study (Farm, Island, VA, Onsite)
    • Students search for macroinvertebrates as an indicator of stream health
  • Bees (Farm)
    • Students learn about the importance and life cycle of a honey bee and tour Calleva’s bee hives
  • Leave No Trace Ethics (Farm, VA, Island, Onsite)
    • Engage in activities that teach students how to travel and camp properly, according to the “Leave No Trace” system of ethics
  • Farm animals (Farm)
    • Learn about the roles of sustainability of farm animals.  Safely interact with chickens, bunnies, pigs, goats, and horses
  • Sustainable Energy (Farm)
    • Learn about wind and solar energy as alternatives to fossil fuels. Workshop can include a trip to the windmill on our farm, or a hands-on project involving the creation of mini-windmills
  • Wildlife Habitat Studies (Farm, VA, Island, Onsite)
    • Students immerse themselves in nature and observe all of the interconnected species that make up an ecosystem. Learn to identify different species through instruction and games
  • Water Cycling on a Farm (Farm)
    • Students learn about our rainwater collection, irrigation system, water tower, and our windmill.  Focus is on sustainability and the water cycle.
  • Sustainable Forestry (Farm)
    • Students tour our sawmill and even get the chance to help operate it! Focus is on sustainability and our use of downed lumber for fuel and building material.


Remember, each workshop is highly customizable.  Contact [email protected] for options and curriculum details.


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