Goals: To maintain empowerment and motivation learned on Leaders in Training (LIT) throughout the school year when sustaining one’s new-found drive for change is hardest.

Outcomes: At the end of the 9 month duration of the program, participants will have made self-motivation and empowerment a habit and will be more affirmed in their pursuit of positive self change.

Possible Monthly Trips: Ropes Course, Caving, Scavenger Hunt, Ice Skating, Rafting

CoEd Ages 13-18
For LIT Graduates Only
1x Monthly Mentor Check-in
9x Outings
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The LIT Mentor Program is entering its tenth year. It was started to help LITers sustain the motivation to change limiting thought and behavioral habits. It is easy for enthusiasm and commitment to wane after a powerful LIT week. (The program is only for LIT graduates.)


– provide a group of LITers an active, supportive, and fun environment so they stay motivated to practice the tools of empowerment;

– give them space to share and process their fears, obstacles, and successes with those who are also committed to stretch their comfort zones and grow;

– have LITers practice the empowerment tools on a consistent basis over a sustained period of time so they become a habit;

– and to help them be accountable for the changes they want to make and goals they want to achieve.

How: Each LITer is assigned a Calleva Staff Mentor. Each Mentor has no more than 8-9 LITers to mentor. The first “Orientation Outing” is on Sunday the 19th of September. After that, we will have a group outing once a month on a Sunday starting in October and going through May. The group outings are from 9:30am to 5:30pm and involve something exciting like: the Calleva Challenge course, zip lining, ice skating, caving, scavenger hunt around the National Mall, etc. Additionally in each outing, we share what challenge has transpired since the last outing and how we are handling it, and how we might better process it to stay in our power. The Mentor will host a group Zoom call with their Mentees once a month for a check-in..  All the LIT Mentors are college graduates and Calleva Instructors or Directors. They are trained by Tony Witter, Director, LIT.

Goals and Outcomes: To help LIT participants: remember the commitments made during their week at LIT; more fully understand and use the skills and techniques learned during the summer; learn more skills; and grow in their personal power and confidence.

Program Director: Tony Witter, LIT Director. cell – 240 793 2424

**Please only register one student at a time**

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