Snow Club FAQs

  • I see that there is a Lift/Lesson/Rental option, does my student have to attend the lessons? Since rentals are included in the package then they come with a lesson. Your student doesn’t have to attend the lessons if they don’t want to but is there if they do. The lessons are group lessons provided but the resort. There is not a Lift/Rental only package so if you need Rentals you will need to select the Lift/Lesson/Rental. Your child can choose to attend lesson or not.
  • My student already has a Season Pass, is there a transportation only package? We do offer transportation only packages for students that already have a Season Pass. You would still need to sign up for a 4 week or  6 week package.
  • Do I have to pick which nights that I want to attend at registration time? Each Tuesday prior to a ski trip we will send out a survey to see whether or not your student will be attending that week. It is important that you submit a survey response before 10:00am on Thursday so that we know whether or not to expect your student. Space is limited on each bus so a response is required to get a seat on the bus. If a bus is at capacity then you’ll have to select another stop.
  • Changes to Night Tracker Package & Refund Policy? If there are any changes made to a package once the Whitetail form has been submitted then a $25 fee will be applied for the change. If you cancel your Snow Club Registration completely after we have processed the necessary forms with Whitetail then we will refund you less the Whitetail and Administrative fees.
  • Does everyone ski together? Snow Clubbers ski/board with friends, if a Snow Clubber has no one to ski/board with then they need to talk to Calleva Staff. Calleva staff are not with all Clubbers unless individuals have worked it out before hand.
  • Where are the Calleva staff? In addition to driving and being bus counselors on all buses coming from various schools, there is also a staff located above the breezeway each evening. Staff are skiing and boarding and can be found all over the mountain in a bright yellow/green vest. There is usually a Calleva staff member skiing/boarding on each of the main lifts (Lift Off, EZ, Express, & Experts Choice). Staff are stationed at various areas during arrival times to help Snow Clubbers get on the mountain.
  • “My child is a beginner, is the Snow Club right for them?” We have skiers/boarders of ALL abilities, but they should feel comfortable with the process of getting tickets and getting on and off chairlifts. We suggest if you have never been skiing that you visit the mountain with your parental figure and feel confident with the process of our “typical night”.
  • What are the ages for Snow Club? Calleva’s Snow Club is for middle school and high school aged students. (Sixth Grade and older)
  • Are the buses being monitored? We have bus counselors walking the aisle, and assisting snow clubbers.
  • Who are the drivers? Drivers are certified CDL drivers from Calleva. It is a great chance to see some of the familiar summer faces from many of our staff that are still in the area.
  • How are emergencies handled? Medical emergencies are handled by the Mountain’s Ski Patrol. If they determine that a student needs to go to the Hospital, a Calleva Staff will accompany them to the Hospital, communicate with the family, and the family must retrieve student from hospital.
  • Have you ever had to transport students to the Hospital? Yes, every year there has been someone that has broken a bone or hurt themselves badly enough that a trip to the hospital is necessary. Skiing and Boarding can be dangerous, and it is important that our students ski/board under control and within their ability.

What does a typical NIGHT look like?

  • 3:00-3:30- Buses pick up from the schools at designated times and only pick up students that have confirmed via email.
  • Approximately 5:30pm- Buses arrive at the mountain, where staff help to direct students to get their lift ticket each night using their Night Tracker Card. Get their Rentals. And get onto the slopes w/ a friend.
  • 7:00pm- Students interested in lessons meet up outside the exit or Rentals. Students will not be able to attend the 5:30 lesson, and need to have notified their Bus Counselor on the drive up.
  • 7:30pm- All students (unless at lessons) and staff meet at designated area for check in. If students purchased meal tickets they pick them up from their bus counselors at this time, or get dinner from cafeteria.
  • 9:45pm- Students must arrive back at the buses to head home. Counselors will have students call when they are 20-30 minutes away so that parents know the exact drop off time.