Goals: To maintain empowerment and motivation learned on Leaders in Training (LIT) throughout the school year when sustaining one’s new-found drive for change is hardest.

Outcomes: At the end of the 8 month duration of the program, participants will have made self-motivation and empowerment a habit and will be more affirmed in their pursuit of positive self change.

Possible Monthly Trips: Ropes Course, Caving, Scavenger Hunt, Ice Skating, Kayaking,

CoEd Ages 13-18
For LIT Graduates Only
1x Monthly check-in call
8x Outings
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The Leaders in Training (LIT) Mentoring program was designed to help teens maintain their empowered mentalities during the school year when bad habits and self-doubt tend to make them forget the empowering tools learned on LIT. Participants are assigned to a mentor (a full-time Calleva staff member) who checks in with them monthly and helps them identify and stay focused on their goals. Additionally, every month there is an outing where participants take part in a fun activity such as ice skating, caving, or scavenger hunts on the National Mall. At these outings, participants spend time in an empowered and supportive peer group and have the opportunity to share their daily struggles. This sharing helps prevent the “stacking” of negative feelings that can normally overwhelm us if left untended for too long. Ultimately, participants have the ability to have fun in a safe environment and make positive friends all while maintaining a drive for self-empowerment and self-motivation.  

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