Ropes Course Programs

Possible Itinerary:

-Arrive Calleva Farm
-Introduction to Calleva Staff, discuss expectations, goals and outcomes for day
-Divide into groups for day.  Create a team Name, Sound, and Motion
-2 rotations on Calleva ropes course elements
-Break for lunch
-1-2 more rotations on Calleva ropes course elements
-Debrief discussion and shares.  Talk about our different experiences from the day.

  • 8:1 Staff Ratio
  • Prices starts at $50 per person
  • Full day programming
  • Food and Transportation Options

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Our 161 acre farm is the perfect setting for your team bonding trip to Calleva.  Our staff will encourage your students to push themselves both individually and as a group to foster growth in a supportive setting.  Our ropes course has low elements, where students walk along cables, on top of boards, and through obstacles all close to the ground.  These elements challenge the group in communication, problem solving, teamwork, creative thinking, and cohesion.  Then we have high elements up in the trees that involve students being belayed on ropes, swinging through the air and sliding down cables.  The high elements focus more on individual growth and breaking through comfort zones with the support from their classmates.  Calleva follows a challenge by choice model and such our elements are designed in a way for everyone to be successful even those with fear of heights.  Our staff will facilitate students through each element out on our course.  When we design your ropes course program we will pick out elements best suited to achieve your desired goals.  We can easily throw in a rotation through our sustainable garden or a trip to visit the animals.  Here is a short list of some of the class favorite elements.

Low Elements: X-games, Rails, Think Tank, Round Robin

High Elements: Zipline, Giant Swing, Jacobs Ladder, Bauers Boardwalk

Group Programs

Need more information about bringing a group to Calleva? Reach out to our school programs director.
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