School Programs

In 1996 a school reached out to Calleva to run their outdoor education program for senior class.  They wanted a program that was unique, challenging, fun, and a bonding experience that wasn’t five hours away in West Virginia.  After running that senior class trip and a few programs for other schools we realized the power of Outdoor Education.  We created an Outdoor Education program that used local state and national parks to empower students to realize their potential individually and as a class.  Now flash forward two decades and we have a network of close to 100 schools that bring their students to Calleva.
Our success over these years has been thanks to our staff who motivate the students to push themselves through their comfort zone out on the river or trail and on the ropes course.  Our staff are trained to encourage the students to challenge themselves, past what they thought was possible, while having their classmates support them through the process.  But the biggest reasons schools continue to come back to Calleva is because of the connections and relationships our staff make with the students.
Calleva offers a variety of different Outdoor Education programs for your students.  Calleva offers single day trips or multi-day overnight programs that take students both locally and afar.  We will work with your team to create a unique program that fits the goals they have for the trip.  Here are just a few basic trip options:

  • Team building on the challenge course
  • Adventures on split activities (kaykaing, rafting, rock climbing, horseback riding, mountain biking, canoeing, backpacking, just to name a few)
  • Farming and Environment programs

These are just a few of the basic options Calleva has to offers.  Although team building is typically associated with the ropes course, we can easily incorporate team building onto the farm or split activity trip.  Have you ever tried to heard cattle or pigs by yourself??  Or we can bring an environmental component out onto the ropes course or while rafting down the Potomac River.  We want to create a program that makes sense for your school and your students.  We understand that students come from a variety of different backgrounds so our programs are designed to be loved by both the novice and experienced outdoor enthusiast.  At the end of the day we want students to leave Calleva united as a class and excited for their next adventure in the outdoors.

Group Program

Need more information about bringing a group to Calleva? Reach out to our school programs director.