Corporate Ropes Course

Possible Itinerary:

-Arrive Calleva Farm
-Introduction to Calleva Staff, discuss expectations, goals and outcomes for day
-Divide into groups for day.  Team Name, Sound, and Motion
-2 rotations on Calleva ropes course elements
-Break for lunch
-1-2 more rotations on Calleva ropes course elements
-Debrief discussion and shares.  Talk about our different experiences from the day.

Prices starts at $60 per person
Half and full day options
Indoor meeting spaces
Catering Options

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Come join us on our 161 acres farm in Dickerson, MD for a day of fun, challenges, and bonding with your company team.  Calleva has had over a decade of experience leading corporate training programs for different organizations in the DC Metro area.  We believe strongly in creating a program that fits your very diverse team of workers, and giving them an opportunity to grow beyond the office setting. We take into account the various ages and physical abilities of your workers and setting specific goals for the program.

Once the group arrives at the Calleva farm we will jump right into activities that focus on those areas that need attention. The program could be focused on problem solving, creative thinking, communication, team cohesion, or just a fun day out of the office.  Our ropes course offers both high, up off the ground in the trees and low ropes course elements.  The high elements focus more on individual growth and challenge with the support of the team and the low elements focus more on group growth.