Corporate In-House

Possible Itinerary:

-Introduction to Calleva Staff, discuss expectations, goals and outcomes for day
-Divide into groups for day.  Create a team Name, Sound, and Motion
-2-3 rotations through Calleva elements
-Break for lunch
-2-3 more rotations through Calleva elements
-Debrief discussion and shares.  Talk about our different experiences from the day.

Prices starts at $65 per person
Half and full day options
DISC Assessment
Catering Options

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If you can’t make it out to the Calleva farm we will take our show on the road to you.  We can meet onsite at your office or meet at a local meeting space or an outdoor park for your Calleva experience.  Although we will have to forgo the climbing in the trees and ziplining we will still be able to create a program that will challenge your team.  We believe strongly in creating a program that fits your very diverse team of workers, and giving them an opportunity to grow beyond the office setting. We take into account the various ages and physical abilities of your workers and setting specific goals for the program.  Our staff will use portable elements that will put your team in the same challenging situations they would experience at the Calleva farm.